Algebrica stands out as an online platform dedicated to mathematics and computer science, offering a unique reading experience in a distraction-free environment. The platform presents selected topics in an accessible manner, covering algebra, analysis, geometry, and other essential concepts, providing the reader with a solid background.

Algebrica is user-centric, offering detailed explanations, practical examples, and insights to help readers master the concepts effectively. The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation, ensuring users can focus on the theory and its applications without distractions.

Whether a student, teacher, math, or tech enthusiast, Algebrica welcomes all users on a journey of discovery and understanding. The goal is to make learning a rewarding and easy experience, believing that mathematics and computer science topics can become affordable disciplines for everyone.

Algebrica is committed to continuous improvement, constantly enhancing the quality of its content and the usability of its interface. This dedication ensures that users can confidently rely on a pleasant and effective environment to enjoy the topics offered.

The website is for those who seek a reliable and informative resource for mastering the fundamental concepts of mathematics and computer science and want to stay informed about the latest developments in the STEM world.

The Loop

Each Monday at 10:00, I will publish The Loop, a weekly compilation of insights, analysis, and well-curated content that cater to professionals in STEM subjects. The publication will provide comprehensive information about the latest developments, research findings, and discoveries in technology, engineering, and mathematics.

With the series How Machines Think, I’m curating a collection of articles dedicated to exploring the mathematical foundations that underpin AI, natural language processing, and deep learning. Through this series, we will delve into the concepts that make the operation of these technologies possible, closely examining the mathematical structures and algorithms that guide machine thinking.

Author’s note

Algebrica is a personal project. It is based on explaining the basic mathematical theory and then extending it to interpret how technology such as AI, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and other similar technologies work. Algebrica still needs to be finished. While the site constantly evolves with new content and sections, updates will take time.

In addition to basic functionalities, I’m gradually adding theoretical topics and exercises. All exercises are explained step by step (not quite like an automatic solver would), delving into the details of the fundamental steps, providing links to the rules, and offering suggestions (such as specific substitutions) that, if not adopted, would make problem-solving a maze of infinite calculations, easily solvable by an automatic system but much less so by a human brain. Simplification is central to mathematics, and Algebrica follows this philosophy by presenting concepts similarly. One factor that has always been important to me, with every realization I have come to, is the simplicity of the interface.

Algebrica is a distraction-free environment for studying, reviewing, and learning; it is not an advertising site built around content. For this reason, I hope you appreciate it even more.

Any errors you find are solely mine.

Antonio Lupetti